2011 Rules

2012 Rules to be posted soon

There are two categories of awards: Judges’ Picks: BEST IN SHOW (1st Place,) 2nd Place Judges and 3rd Place Judges. Crowd Favorite: TOP DOG (1st Place) 2nd Place Crowd Fav and 3rd Place Crowd Fav. There is NO VEGGIE DOG award category this year, although you may make a veggie dog. Sausages and chorizo are not allowed, so if you plan to make your own wiener, keep in mind that the judges are advised of this.

There will be four “expert” judges this year, along with four judges that will be picked randomly from the crowd at the start of the cookoff event. Dogs will be judged on taste and presentation. All guests will be able to cast one vote in the Crowd Favorite category.

Chefs are to prepare bite-sized portions for each judge and for the crowd. We recommend cutting each dog into thirds. There will be 500+ guests. Chefs should prepare at least 300 bites/servings, but can plan to make more. The more you serve, the better chance you have at pleasing the crowd and winning the Crowd Favorite Award. You have the option this year of using hot dogs donated by Applegate Farms. These will be available about a week prior to the event if you want to experiment with them, or you can choose for them to be stored at Kelso until the day of.

Each chef will be assigned to a “kitchen” in one half of a 10’ tent.  Kitchens include a prep table, serving area, and half of the 6’ grill. Each tent will have a volunteer helper who will assist them as needed.  Every chef will have at least 2.5 hours total in their kitchens to use however they like. Charcoal, one set of tongs, aluminum serving trays and small paper boats will be provided, but all other prep and service items should be supplied by the chefs. (You will want to bring things like coolers, ice, cutting boards, knives, aprons, ladles, aluminum foil, any special serving dishes you might need, etc…)

Chefs can do any amount of prep work ahead of time. We recommend that chefs bring one sous chef to help out. Other helpers must purchase a ticket and cannot be inside the tent due to space constraints. Each chef will have a minute or two to introduce their dog over the mic to the crowd. The hot dogs will be served from the kitchens. Preliminary judging will take place between around 2:15 and 3:30. At 3:45, chefs who are chosen to advance to the finals will be notified and will need to make 8 more bites for the judges to sample between 4 – 4:15. The ballot boxes will be pulled for counting around 4:30 and the awards ceremony and raffle will take place at 5.